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Getting Unstuck & Designing a Life You Can Really Love

Featuring: Samantha Buckley Hugessen

Today’s guest is Samantha Buckley Hugessen, a Master, Certified, Professional Coach and Author of the Amazon International bestselling book UNS*UCK YOURSELF – The Guide to Designing a Life You Love. She provides life, sales and leadership coaching for individuals as well as webinars and seminars for businesses. She even offers an online course for people to do lifework at their own pace.

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    Getting Unstuck & Designing a Life You Can Really Love
    Samantha Buckley Hugessen

Getting Unstuck & Designing A Life You Can Really Love

  • Tell us what prompted you to write UNS*UCK YOURSELF – The Guide to Designing a Life You Love
  • What is your philosophy of working with clients?
  • What are the deliverables to your clients? How do you communicate and work with them?
  • Who is your ideal client? And how can you help them be more successful?
  • Would you like to offer a success tip or a mistake to avoid you feel would be of interest to your listeners?

The easiest way to find Samantha, her book and her course is to search by her full name Samantha Buckley Hugessen online at your favorite online retailers or find it all in one place at her website: and of course, your favorite social media platforms.

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Samantha Buckley Hugessen

Samantha Buckley Hugesses is a Certified Coach originally from Seattle Washington, now as an expat she lives in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With two amazing teenage sons, and a wonderful 20+ year marriage. Sam is a force at 6'2" tall, and to know her and read her testimonials, it is proven she is super effective and passionate about helping people design and live lives they love. She has been managing and leading people her entire adult life and started personal Life, Sales and leadership coaching full time in 2011. In October 2019, Sam released her first Book UNS*UCK YOURSELF – The Guide to Designing a Life You Love and gained AMAZON Bestseller status in four categories. Her Coaching Business is perfectly named "A Designed Life, LLC"

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