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A Blueprint for Employee Resilience and Retention

Featuring: Barbara Rubel

In this podcast, we feature Barbara Rubel, a keynote speaker and author, whose programs focus on building employee resilience to lessen burnout and compassion fatigue. During her live and virtual keynotes, she focuses on employee strengths, wellbeing, managing loss, and work life balance. Barbara is also the author of, But I Didn’t Say Goodbye: Helping families after a suicide.

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    A Blueprint for Employee Resilience and Retention
    Barbara Rubel

A Blueprint for Employee Resilience and Retention

  • Do you have any suggestions for managers on keeping employees who are burned out or have compassion fatigue?
  • How can workplaces alleviate some stressors to ensure employees don’t leave?
  • How can managers reduce employee turnover rates?
  • What are ways to increase employee job satisfaction?
  • Can you share a few strategies for leaders to retain their best employees?
Barbara helps managers keep their best employees by focusing on strengths and resilience to manage workplace stress, burnout, compassion fatigue, and loss. If you would like to invite Barbara Rubel to speak at your event in healthcare, mental health, or victim services, reach out to her at

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Barbara Rubel

As a subject matter expert and nationally recognized keynote speaker, Barbara Rubel motivates audiences to create work-life balance, and manage workplace chronic stressors. Barbara helps audiences build their career resilience by identifying ways to manage grief at work, burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma. If you are a manager who wants to keep their best employees, reach out to Barbara Rubel at

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