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The Chutzpah Rules in Business and Life 

Featuring: Mason Harris

Mason Harris is the Founder of The Chutzpah Institute and provides keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, and training to organizations of all kinds that are looking to stimulate growth through the principles of Chutzpah.

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    The Chutzpah Rules in Business and Life 
    Mason Harris

The Chutzpah Rules in Business and Life

  • What is chutzpah?
  • Chutzpah seems to have both positive and negative connotations. Isn’t that confusing to clients?
  • You have said that learning the rules of chutzpah is valuable for both business and personal relationships, and even for organizations. Do you have any examples of this?
  • So often we think chutzpah is a characteristic of very successful people and companies. Does it really apply to all of us, can anyone use ‘chutzpah’ and have an impact?
  • I know there is a book in the works with the working title: The Chutzpah Rules: 8 Lessons from the days of ‘Early Man’ to ‘Okay, Boomer.’ When can we expect to see this and/or learn more about The Chutzpah Rules?

For more information about Mason Harris and The Chutzpah Institute, please visit You can connect with him directly at and

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Mason Harris

Mason Harris, a DC-area native transplanted from New York City, is the middle child of Eastern European immigrants. He grew up in a working-class neighborhood in Queens and feels like he was privileged to be "born with a plastic spoon in my mouth." Mason learned early on that America is the land of opportunity, and that success had two critical components: education and chutzpah. An entrepreneur who has had both "successes" and "lesser successes," also known as "failures," to learn from, he enjoys sharing his rules of Chutzpah, especially to paying clients and others willing to buy him a drink.

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