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How to Re-engineer Your Confidence Levels

Featuring: Corey Jahnke

In this podcast, we feature Corey Jahnke. A community pharmacist for 30 years, Corey made his business about asking questions instead of telling people what to do. As a result, he learned that some people are out there living their best life, while others, lots of others, are quietly and desperately just getting by. Corey’s life mission is to take what he has learned from those who are crushing their dreams and goals and share their secrets with those who have gotten crushed in pursuit of the life they had wanted to live.

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    How to Re-engineer Your Confidence Levels
    Corey Jahnke

How To Re-engineer Your Confidence Levels

  • Corey, tell us about your professional journey and how it lead into your mission of helping people turn their lives around.
  • How can people learn to re-engineer their confidence levels?
  • How can your book, The Successful Thinker help people change their situation and circumstances?
  • What are some steps anyone can take to make themselves more successful?
  • Talk a little bit about how Successful Thinkers design their lives and live successfully on PURPOSE.

A huge part of Corey’s mission is to grant everyone (not just the rich few who can pay exorbitant coaching fees) access to real life personal development information that will actually change the course of their lives in a matter of hours. Corey is giving away free copies of his book, The Successful Thinker. All he asks is that you pay the shipping costs. To get your copy visit and don’t delay, you are not here on rehearsal and it’s your turn to win!

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Corey Jahnke

Corey Jahnke has been a community pharmacist for 30 years. His customers taught me the secrets of success and the reasons for failure. In his life he has had many wins and many more devastating losses. When he felt like he was facing a basket of snakes in 2008, he was able to find the solutions to a modern professional's most difficult issues: Leadership Fatigue, Professional Burnout, and Emotional Exhaustion. When it happened to him, it was nothing like what he had imagined. He was lucky. Armed with a great support system, he found the answers he needed before it was too late. Now he has dedicated his life to making sure that others don't have to struggle. With his help, you no longer have to let the villains win!

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