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How The Ego Tricks Us & Keeps Us Small

Featuring: Jena Rodriguez

In this podcast, we feature Jena Rodriguez, CEO of Brave Masters, an award-winning Transformational Mentor, Creator of The Egoic Archetypes, 14 Ego Tricks and The Detachment Method. Jena is a soon-to-be author who provides breakthrough mentorship, courses, and performance training for high achieving women leaders, corporate teams and CEOs at plateaus.

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    How The Ego Tricks Us & Keeps Us Small
    Jena Rodriguez

How The Ego Tricks Us & Keeps Us Small

  • What is being a BRAVE MASTER all about?
  • What seems to be in the way of people’s ability to get the results that they desire?
  • WHo is your ideal client? How do you help them be more successful?
  • You talk about EGO TRICKS, what are some of the main tricks that people use?
  • Once you know your EGO TRICKS, how do you stop using them?

To finally outsmart your ego, find out what patterns need to be broken by taking Jena’s free quiz at and learn more about her Ego Shift course at

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Jena Rodriguez

Jena Rodriguez, an Award-Winning Transformational Mentor for Leaders, Celebrities, CEOs & Corp Teams, is the Creator of The Ego Tricks, Egoic Archetypes & Detachment Method AND host of The Brave Entrepreneur Podcast. She helps leaders get radically brave in their life & biz. She helps crack open the nuances of the ego mind which keeps us playing small and "safe" so that the higher self can be in the driver's seat. Success is about self leadership, mindset mastery, emotional IQ, and being a BRAVE MASTER! Although she provides her clients with result-driven strategy, it's insufficient for permanent change to occur if they don't ALSO outsmart their egos & raise their PROFITABLE CONSCIOUSNESS™.

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