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Empowering Writers

Featuring: Mike Sims

Today’s guest is Mike Sims, the author of the Vickie series of books and the #1 SciFi book Southern Cross.  He advises people of all walks of life on their books or desires to write.  His books have been noticed by Hollywood as he has a team of celebrities that are working with him to make his books a TV or movie reality.

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    Empowering Writers
    Mike Sims

Empowering Writers

  • Mike, how did you come up with your first book, Vic/Tim and how did that turn into a series?
  • What has been the feedback from readers on your Vickie series of books?
  • On your science fiction book Southern Cross, was it difficult to write a story based on other cultures?
  • How did celebrities come to participate in pushing your books for TV or a movie?
  • What do you hope your books will contribute to or may have already?

Learn more about Mike Sims, his books, TV projects and publishing services at

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Mike Sims

Mike Sims is the author of the Vickie series of books and the #1 SciFi book, Southern Cross. He works with other authors to help them further their writing. Currently, Mike is working celebrities like Leni Rico, Cindy Morgan, Jack O'Halloran as well as long time producer Barney Cohen to make his books a TV series or movie.

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