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How to Have Out of Body Adventures

Featuring: Michael Telstarr

Michael Telstarr is a personal evolution trainer and expert on remote viewing, out of body adventures and lucid dreaming. He leads workshops and presentations – from corporations and organizations to the everyday citizen. Michael’s motto is “Empowering human beings thru the art and science of remote viewing.” He is working on his new book, Where No Mind Has Gone Before. 

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    How to Have Out of Body Adventures
    Michael Telstarr

How To Have Out Of Body Adventures

  • How did you go from being an escape artist to becoming someone who made the “ultimate” escape?
  • Can you explain remote viewing? What actually is it?
  • What does the term “OBENAUT” mean and why did you create it?
  • What can remote viewing be used for? What practical applications does it have?
  • What is lucid dreaming? Can anyone do it?
  • Tell us about your new book, Where No Mind Has Gone Before – what will readers get from it?
To learn more about Michael Telstarr, his programs, presentations and books – plus some tips on remote viewing – please visit

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Michael Telstarr

Michael Telstarr is a humorist mentalist, and not a mental humorist. Depending on which side of the fence you're on! Entertainer and lecturer of the paranormal, he has attended the renowned Monroe Institute and received his Trainer's Development, Guidelines and Gateway programs. Michael continued his training and received his designation as Master Extended Remote Viewer from David Moorehouse. Michael is a former Escape Artist and currently lectures in the UFO and paranormal fields. He combines his mastery of energy and principles of the metaphysical. View Micheal's amazing feats on YouTube under Michael Telstarr. He is available for conferences and will travel anywhere in the world to share his knowledge.

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