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How To Grow From Grief

Featuring: Danielle Kean-Grassi

In this podcast, we feature Danielle Kean-Grassi, the founder of Kean Strategies and author of Grief Is Only Suppressed Gratitude. Danielle provides anxiety support to women in business, college students, and children. Her new book, Grief Is Only Suppressed Gratitude speaks about her own experience with her mother’s death from cancer in 2017 and ways she copes and still continues to cope with her mom’s absence today. 

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    How To Grow From Grief
    Danielle Kean-Grassi

How To Grow From Grief

  • Danielle, what do you do at Kean Strategies? How do you help your clients?
  • Can we ever truly get over grieving the lost loved one? 
  • What surprised you in going through your own grief with the loss of your Mom?
  • What is one way anyone can better manage their own grief?
  • What is it that you want readers to take away from your book Grief Is Only Suppressed Gratitude?

For more information on ways to transform grief, check out Danielle’s book, Grief Is Only Suppressed Gratitude,  which can be found at these retailers: 

Amazon_Grief Is Only Suppressed Gratitude  

Target_Grief Is Only Suppressed Gratitude 

Barnes & Nobles_Grief Is Only Suppressed Gratitude 

If you’re feeling anxious and want a free 15 minute zoom call to learn how to manage anxiety, feel free to connect with Danielle at or check out Danielle’s website at 

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Danielle Kean-Grassi

Danielle Kean-Grassi is a Certified Anxiety Strategist and Certified Mental and Emotional Coach. Danielle's written work has appeared in mental health blogs, such as Succeed Now and she has spoken about anxiety and emotional development on podcasts and live interviews. Her experience with the passing of her mother led her on the path to self growth and emotional development. She currently lives in Olney, Maryland with her husband, Matt.

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