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The Future Of Dating Is Here

Featuring: Christine Marie White

In this podcast we are speaking to Christine Marie White, Founder and CEO of Finding Love Solutions, Creator of the Finding Love Success System, and the Finding Love Mastery Program.

Christine says America has embraced a hookup culture, making it difficult for singles to find love with long-term commitment. Singles today are confused, frustrated, and tired of searching year after year for true, deep, committed love. Her Finding Love Success System is the answer! It helps singles find their perfect partner using quantum physics science and guides them through a new step-by-step dating progression, called Integrity Dating, all based on integrity, respect, and healthy values.

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    The Future Of Dating Is Here
    Christine Marie White

The Future Of Dating Is Here

  • Would you please explain your Finding Love System to our single listeners?
  • What are the benefits of following your Finding Love System?
  • How do you know your system will work for everyone?
  • Tell us more about the second part of this system, Integrity Dating.
  • How can someone learn more about your Finding Love System and Mastery Program?

To learn more or to ask Christine to speak contact Christine@FindingLove.Solutions. You can get great dating advice on her YouTube channel: Finding Love Solutions and check out her books: Her Expert Site:

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Christine Marie White

Christine Marie White is the Founder and CEO of Finding Love Solutions. She believes everyone’s highest calling is To Love and Be Loved! As a speaker, she will transform your audience in their seats. Christine is an advocate for dating with healthy values and is ushering in the Future of Dating with her Finding Love Success System. She studied over 40 years under top dating and relationship experts to glean the best of the best to put together the best dating and finding love process possible. Christine attracted her perfect partner and married him after following her success system. They met in 2010 and are still very happily married and live in the Tampa Bay area. Contact her here: Christine@FindingLove.Solutions

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