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Organized Living and Working in a Disorganized World

Featuring: Barbara Hemphill

In this podcast, our guest is Barbara Hemphill, the founder of Productive Environment Institute and author of “Less Clutter More Life.”  Often referred to as the “Paper Tiger Lady” because of her bestselling book “Taming the Paper Tiger,” her company provides virtual coaching and online programs for paper and digital information in home offices.

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    Organized Living and Working in a Disorganized World
    Barbara Hemphill

Organized Living and Working in a Disorganized World

  • What are the biggest obstacles that keep us from gaining control over our paper and digital information?
  • Besides that great feeling you have when everything is in order, there’s a real monetary value from having organizing systems in place. Can you give some examples?
  • If there’s a listener that is facing stacks of stuff and clutter in their home or office that has built up for years … what steps should they take to turn things around and become more organized?
  • The internet was supposed to be the coming of the “paperless” business, but it seems to have gotten even worse than before.  Do you have any tips for handling the flood of emails and communications we get bombarded with every day?
  • You created a program specifically designed for the pandemic we are facing now called “Quarantine Quickstart.” What is that about?

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the virtual services available from Productive Environment Institute. go to  and click on Scorecard.  Check out her most recent book on Amazon “Less Clutter More Life.

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Barbara Hemphill

Barbara Hemphill began as a pioneer in the organizing and productivity industry 40 years ago with a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper. Her passion is helping individuals and organizations eliminate physical, digital, and emotional clutter to create a "productive environment" – an intentional setting in which everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives. Often referred to as the "Paper Tiger Lady" because of her bestselling book Taming the Paper Tiger based on the premise "Clutter is postponed decisions®," Barbara has appeared on Good Morning America, Today Show, The View, CNN Nightly News and in publications including USA Today, New York Times, Fast Company, Reader's Digest, Real Simple, and Guideposts. Her most recent book is Less Clutter More Life.

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