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Cowbells Are For More Than Just Cows

Featuring: Elisabeth Halvorson

Our guest today is Elisabeth Halvorson is the owner of, who delivers FUN cowbells for special events like weddings, marathons, bike races and even the Olympic Winter Games!

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    Cowbells Are For More Than Just Cows
    Elisabeth Halvorson

  • Why cowbells?  What are they used for?
  • How did you get started in the cowbell business?
  • How did the Saturday Night Live More Cowbell skit affect your business?
  • What types of cowbells are there? For what purposes?
  • Where do you sell them?

You can see and even buy your very own cowbell by visiting For custom bells, just give them a RING!

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Elisabeth Halvorson

Known for her creativity, resourcefulness and persistence, Elisabeth Halvorson, founder of, has carved out a niche for herself as the world's foremost cheering cowbell expert. It's a narrow niche; she's really the only one. But it's a niche that developed through her life's marvelous serendipitous connections.

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