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Managing Stress & Workplace Wellness

Featuring: Janice Litvin

Janice Litvin is the founder of Janice Litvin Speaks and the BayArea Wellness Association. Janice is a workplace wellness speaker and author of the Banish Burnout Toolkit™.

Janice helps organizations get their people engaged in wellness and productive at work via her stress management program called Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success. She works with large and medium sized companies, especially in the tech sector. As a former techie, Janice feels your pain!

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    Managing Stress & Workplace Wellness
    Janice Litvin

Managing Stress & Workplace Wellness

  • How did you go from Silicon Valley to work in the workplace wellness industry?
  • What is your own “WHY” for wellness?
  • During times of crisis what can managers and leaders do to best support their people?
  • What is the basis for your “Banish Burnout” program?
  • What is your best piece of advice to banish burnout?

Learn more about Janice by visiting or connect with her on LinkedIn where she posts on most days, via video or blog and if you message her she will respond. You can also connect with Janice on Youtube and Instagram: Janice Litvin

Her book Banish Burnout Toolkit™ is available for free download via Email: Simply let her know that you heard about her here on the Annie Jennings podcast.

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Janice Litvin

In her 20 years as a technology recruiter in Silicon Valley, Janice Litvin helped companies find the best talent at all levels. Now she supports those companies in retaining and engaging their employees with the latest leadership and wellness strategies, and helps ensure those employees show up every day healthy, happy and ready to work. She is on a mission to help as many people as possible take care of their physical and mental health, including learning to manage stress to prevent burnout and fall in love with fitness.

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