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Managing Emotional Risks & Consequences Of The COVID Pandemic

Featuring: Lloyd Sederer

In this podcast, we feature Dr. Lloyd Sederer, a psychiatrist, public health doctor and medical journalist. He has spent 3 decades directly treating patients (and their families), and then went into public service as Mental Health Commissioner for NYC, then as Mental Health Medical Director. He writes principally for a general audience on topics including addictions, stress, depression and anxiety, resiliency, violence and relationships. He has published 13 books and 500 articles, now mostly for a lay audience.

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    Managing Emotional Risks & Consequences Of The COVID Pandemic
    Lloyd Sederer

Managing Emotional Risks & Consequences Of The COVID Pandemic

  • In your government work for NYC and NYS you led mental health disaster responses, including after 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy. What did you learn about we humans in the wake of a disaster? How does that inform us and we can do today as we try to live with a world disrupted by COVID?
  • How is COVID different from past disasters?
  • What are the risk and protective factors that impact on resiliency, in health, mental health and the addictions?
  • Will we all need therapy to bear the emotional consequences of COVID?
  • You are the Chief Medical Officer of a company called Bongo Media. What is that? How does its work relate to COVID, healthcare and first responders, as well as to other to great social problems such as racial bias and inequity?

Dr. Lloyd says, “for the past 18 years, have been first, NYC MH Commissioner; and then NYS Chief Mental Health Medical Officer. In other words, a government worker, a doctor (in my case). I see my work as devoted to the health and well-being of large numbers of patients. I work for you: it is a privilege to serve.”

Learn more about Dr. Lloyd on his website – there’s a lot of information there including some of his writing and talks, as well as how to reach him. Subscribe – it’s free!

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Lloyd Sederer

Dr. Lloyd Sederer is an Adjunct Professor at the Columbia University School of Public Health. He served for 12 years as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the NYS Office of Mental Health, the nation’s largest state mental health system, where he continues as Distinguished Psychiatrist Advisor. He has been NYC’s Mental Health Commissioner and Medical Director/EVP of McLean Hospital (a Harvard teaching hospital). Dr. Lloyd has led large scale, mental health disaster responses to 9/11 (Project Liberty) and Hurricane Sandy. He has published 7 professional books and 6 books for lay audiences, as well as 500 articles in medical journals and lay media. For 7 years he was the Medical Editor for Mental Health for the HuffPost, and wrote a regular opinion column for US News & World Report. He has taught medical writing for the lay public at Columbia Medical School, Department of Psychiatry, for 18 sequential semesters. His new book, just released, is Ink-Stained For Life.

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