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Chest Expansion, The Key To Brain Performance

Featuring: Bob Prichard

Bob Prichard, known world-wide for the 44 Gold Medals and 11 World Records of his athletes, is now tackling mental performance with his discovery that chest expansion is the key to optimum brain oxygen. He details this in his new book, The Great Brain Robbery.

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    Chest Expansion, The Key To Brain Performance
    Bob Prichard

Chest Expansion, The Key To Brain Performance

  • Tell us a little about your background
  • How did you make the transition from sports performance to mental performance?
  • What is unique about what you do?
  • Who is the ideal client for chest expansion?
  • What will readers gain from reading your book?

You can learn more about Bon Prichard’s work and forthcoming book   at his website He welcomes any questions. Bob’s phone number and an email link is at the bottom of every page.

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Bob Prichard

Bob Prichard's athletes have won 44 Gold Medals and set 11 World Records. Based on their reports that their grades, mental health and paychecks increased after he increased their chest expansion, he is now helping people who want a better brain. He has spent 5 years researching his new book "The Great Brain Robbery" which will demonstrate with world-wide studies on brain oxygen the vital connection between mental performance and chest expansion.

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