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Cannabis For Seniors

Featuring: Beverly Potter, Ph.D.

Today, we’re talking about how seniors are the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users in America. While once considered a “street drug”, cannabis is becoming a valued addition to Senior wellness and quality of life, as our guest, Dr. Beverly Potter—Docpotter—shows in her fascinating book, Cannabis for Seniors.

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    Cannabis For Seniors
    Beverly Potter, Ph.D.

Cannabis For Seniors

  • Why are Seniors flocking to cannabis and avoiding opioids? How are opioids more risky than cannabis?
  • What are cannabinoids, like CBD? What’s the problem with THC? Should Seniors avoid THC?
  • How is cannabis used? What are the cautions? How’s the effect of smoking cannabis compare to eating it? To using a topical?
  • How does a Senior determine dose? What do you mean when you say Seniors need to “learn” to use cannabis and should start low and go slow?”

Cannabis is much more that “weed” as it was once viewed. Chemical in cannabis interact synergistically with our bodies to reduce inflammation and resulting pain, soothe anxiety, elevate mood and optimism – all of which increase Seniors’ quality of life. The book Cannabis for Seniors is available from Amazon and all booksellers. It makes a great gift for a Senior.

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Beverly Potter, Ph.D.

Beverly Potter Ph.D. - Docpotter - psychologist specializing in career and workplace issues, like overcoming job burnout, self-management and self-leadership, mediating disputes, giving directives as examples. For decades she has provided specialized professional instruction in the form of self-help books, workshops, lectures, keynote speeches. Now her focus is turning toward Seniors, who she has dubbed “Senior Boomers”. Seniors is the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users, which stimulated her into writing CANNABIS FOR SENIORS.

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