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Breaking Genius for Teams & Organizations

Featuring: John Krubski

John Krubski is the co-author of Breaking Genius for Teams and Organizations and Founding Director of the Institute for Applied Decisional Sciences, where he has developed a holistic methodology for generating creative critical thinking in teams and individuals. It is called “Thinking Whole,” and it can change the way you think, you learn, you understand, and communicate for the rest of your life and for the better.

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    Breaking Genius for Teams & Organizations
    John Krubski

Breaking Genius For Teams & Organizations

  • Tell us about the Institute for Applied Decisional Sciences.
  • Your book, Breaking Genius for Teams and Organizations; what makes it different?
  • What is your philosophy of doing business?
  • What are the deliverables you provide to your client?
  • Who is your ideal client? And how can you help them be more successful?

You can learn more about Breaking Genius and Thinking Whole” at and you can learn more about John Krubski at If you’re interested in having John as a speaker, just type “KRUBSKI” into your browser and go from there. For videos, search your browser for “KRUBSKI & YOUTUBE.”

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John Krubski

John Krubski is a futurist, innovation and change management consultant, the creator of "The Index of What Matters Most," and a serial entrepreneur who has consulted to organizations ranging from mid-sized enterprises to Fortune 50 multinationals. He has spent more than 25 years helping some of the smartest people on the planet to think smarter and some of the most creative people think more creatively. Thinking Whole has the power to change lives in 45 minutes. Breaking Genius has brought exceptional outcomes to client teams for nearly three decades.

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