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Workplace Bullying Solutions 

Featuring: Leah Hollis, Ed.D.

In this podcast, we are speaking with Dr. Leah Hollis, a national expert on workplace bullying and the President of Patricia Berkly LLC. She has published extensively on this issue also looking at how workplace bullying affects women and people of color.

Her most recent book is The Coercive Community College and she is now working on a book on human resources and workplace bullying. She has consulted for colleges and universities across the country.

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    Workplace Bullying Solutions 
    Leah Hollis, Ed.D.

Workplace Bullying Solutions

  • What is the biggest problem with workplace bullying in higher education?
  • Is workplace bullying costly? Can you explain?
  • Why are women and people of color more likely to face bullying?
  • What can any organization do to avoid workplace bullying?
  • What advice do you have for individuals facing workplace bullying?

Dr. Hollis has served as an expert witness, provides keynote speeches, workshops, and one on one coaching dealing with workplace bullying and diversity. She has spent over a decade working with organizations and conducting research on workplace bullying. Learn more about Leah Hollis at

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Leah Hollis, Ed.D.

Dr. Leah Hollis is President and Founder of Patricia Berkly LLC, a healthy workplace advocate. She has worked with colleges and universities across the country to curtail workplace bullying. Also, she is an associate professor at Morgan State University

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